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I help my clients grow to reach the higher level that’s always seemed out of their reach.


I remember the first time someone asked to pay me for my expertise.

It changed my perspective on what was possible as a career and as a business person.

Imagining being paid thousands of dollars for my advice, guidance, and knowledge was quite a paradigm shift for me at that point in my life.

Since that day over 12 years ago, I’ve had quite a few dramatic ups and downs. The “entrepreneurial roller-coaster” is all too real when you’re selling your expertise.

In my experience as a business consultant and executive coach, there have been many times I’ve considered giving up. For example, I remember the month I had 3 of my biggest clients drop, and my income went from over $10,000 per month down to $2500.

I’ve also had days when I’ve had more fun than I ever thought was possible in a business setting. I think back to a sunny afternoon when I received $10,000 in fees in one day.

What a powerful and meaningful feeling it is when someone looks to you for advice, and then asks to write you a check for thousands of dollars in exchange for your guidance.

And what a frustrating feeling it is when you’ve dreamed of succeeding in this business, had some success, but then found yourself struggling to pay the bills.

I’ve seen business consultants fail to convince potential clients that their fee of a paltry $300 was worth paying.

And I’ve personally seen clients be overjoyed to invest $52,000 in my guidance.

What is the difference?

Why would one expert easily receive over $50,000 in fees, while another expert fails to collect a fee as low as $300?

There are a number of factors that lead to this discrepancy in value.

My focus (*cough* obsession) is on identifying the distinctions one coach or consultant can make to cross the divide into a land of high fees, rewarding client relationships, and a more gratifying impact on the people they work with.

I’m curious about your experience as a paid expert, and I invite you to share it with me right now in a private message.

Are you an expert who gets paid by clients for your advice, expertise, or knowledge? Would you like to get paid more for your expertise?

My name is Seth Holdren and I help a small but powerful number of business consultants, executive coaches, and experts get paid more for their advice.

If you currently charge your clients a fee for your expertise as a consultant or coach and you’re interested in doubling or even tripling your profit with predictability, click the button below to learn more.