The Amazing New Formula This Owner/CEO Used to 2X New Qualified Leads Overnight
Written by Seth Holdren on Oct. 17th 2018
If you run a service business and you have a primary source of new customers, the chances are that you can double it, perhaps even overnight.

I know this sounds like a bold claim.

But the curious thing about it is, most service business owners and CEOs are deeply entrenched in the day to day operations of their business.

They usually aren't highly focused on maximizing results from sources of leads, customers, and sales.

But I am.

I've been doing this for clients, every day and often on weekends, for over a decade.

I've consistently been able to double my clients' main sources of new customers, often overnight after I've made my improvements. Here is what I've learned....

Seth Holdren

Seth Holdren helps Owner/CEOs grow successful service businesses. He is an expert at helping people get clients and great employees using management strategies, online and offline marketing methods and proven sales tactics, always focusing on making things super simple to understand.
If you're interested in scaling up your service-based business, whether you need more customers or better employees, definitely reach out and request a free strategy session today.
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