7 reasons why service companies fail to attract quality employees
Written by Seth Holdren on Oct. 17th 2018
When I see service businesses running typical want ads in this era of the "skills gap", I cringe.

It used to be that a service business owner could offer a decent job with a competitive wage, and choose a good employees from a steady field of applicants. But that no longer works for blue collar jobs.

In fact, when I talk to service business owners, they are near their wits end about not being able to find good people to hire.

However, despite this frustration and the fear it causes, not much has changed about how these same owner/CEOs get the word out about their open positions.

This is where the cringe factor comes in.

Because there is a better way....

Seth Holdren

Seth Holdren helps Owner/CEOs grow successful service businesses.  He is an expert at helping people get clients and great employees using management strategies, online and offline marketing methods and proven sales tactics, always focusing on making things super simple to understand.
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