About Seth Holdren

Seth Holdren – President of Business Growth Partners, LLC

My focus is on radical clarity.

As an expert, consultant, coach—whatever you call yourself if you get paid for your expertise—I believe it’s possible to remove nearly 100% of the clutter, and only work with amazing clients and colleagues who enhance your happiness instead of draining it.

I help experts find more profitable ways to work with more enjoyable clients while experiencing fewer headaches and hassles without having to get famous or become social media image jockeys to promote themselves.

Essentially, the key is to get to know people more deeply with plenty of context and connection before discussing any offer or exchange of economic value. Literally being extremely highly selective about who would be considered as a prospective client, if you know what I mean.

The core principle is to work with a small collective of private clients, by invite only, one-on-one and through group mentoring.

Although that may not sound unique in and of itself, the special sauce comes from the factor that you can only find out about the group if you are a perfect fit for it. Which obviously cannot happen without a connection and until a more contextual relationship is formed.

If this sounds extremely compelling to you, we can connect and book a call.

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