Written by Seth Holdren on Oct. 17th 2018
When I see service businesses running typical want ads in this era of the "skills gap", I cringe. It used to be that a service business owner could offer a decent job with a competitive wage, and choose a good employees from a steady field of applicants. That no longer works for blue collar jobs. In fact, when I talk to service business owners, they are near their wits end about not being able to find good people to hire. However, despite this frustration and the fear it causes, not much has changed about how these same owner/CEOs get the word out about their open positions. This is where the cringe factor comes in. Because there is a better way.
Written by Seth Holdren on Oct. 12th 2018
Every time I meet  with a new prospective client, I find myself admiring the moxy it takes to run a service business in today's world. I respect my owner/CEO clients so much for sticking their necks out there and doing there thing. These are some smart, savvy, scrappy cookies out there, on the front lines of the blue collar battle day in and day out. It's no wonder these everyday heroes are running successful businesses, because they have guts, grit, and a high level of practical intelligence. This is why it surprises me how seldom I see a service business with a solid strategic plan for growing their business to hit their income goals, have a clear exit strategy, and plan a lucrative retirement. Because most people know deep down -- like Winston Churchill paraphrased --  when we fail to plan, we plan to fail. 
Written by Seth Holdren on Oct. 6th 2018
If you run a service business and you have a primary source of new customers, the chances are that you can double it, perhaps even overnight. I know this sounds like a bold claim. But the curious thing about it is, most service business owners and CEOs are deeply entrenched in the day to day operations of their business. They usually aren't highly focused on maximizing results from sources of leads, customers, and sales. But I am. I've been doing this for clients, every day and often on weekends, for over a decade. I've consistently been able to double my clients' main sources of new customers, often overnight after I've made my improvements. Here is what I've learned.
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